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 Services We Provide:

  • Site Preparation, Including Scarification, Soil Decompaction & Preconstruction Seeding

  • Integrated Herbicide Treatment

  • Soil Stabilization

  • Drill Seeding

  • Hydroseeding

  • Broadcast Seeding

  • Planting

  • Post-Installation Vegetation Maintenance and Management

  • Site Consulting and Analysis

  • Invasive Species Management

  • Specialized Pollinator Habitat Installation

rooted in success

Monarch Vegetation Services (MVS) is a mobile ecological restoration company that specializes in native and pollinator friendly vegetation. Native seed mixes are a solution to beautify sites and restore ecological value. Once a native meadow is established it will create habitat for pollinators, birds and other small wildlife while improving the soil beneath it, reducing runoff, and creating an attractive backdrop to the site. Whether your site is a solar farm, meadow, capped landfill, wetland, private or public land, MVS will install vegetation that is rooted in success.​

In less than 20 years, nearly one billion Monarch Butterflies have disappeared from our landscape. All pollinators, including bats, bees, birds and butterflies are in critical need of re-established habitat. This loss of habitat is the main contributing factor to sharp declines in their population. Without pollinators, our food supply would simply collapse. In fact, one out of every three bites of food you eat in a day is a direct result of a pollinator.

 Monarch Vegetation Services is the leader in Pollinator Establishment in all types of habitats. Whether your project is a solar farm, stream, meadow, wetland, on private or public land, Monarch Vegetation will work with you to make a difference. 


Together, we can restore balance to the Earth & #PlantMoreSeeds   

Clients we serve

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For more info on Stream & Wetland Mitigation,

visit our sister company, Meadville Land Service here.

areas we work

Monarch Vegetation Services is a mobile ecological restoration company bringing pollinator friendly vegetation to you. We work in nearly every state East of the Mississippi River. No job is too large or too small. 

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